When Should You Block Someone on Instagram?

When Should You Block Someone on Instagram?

The thought of blocking another user is one that has never crossed the minds of many Instagram users but for many others, it happens daily.  You might think that this is a feature that you will never need, but do not be to certain of that. Social media can sometimes be a scary place, but blocking can help alleviate those concerns so you can use it the way that you want, free from worry and wonder.

Blocking is so dull and boring and, as some would say, just for the weak. Why block someone who has nothing better to do than harass your life? However, there are some occasions when you should not hesitate to push that block button and do it with a smile on your face. Sometimes things become so serious that a block is the only way to simmer things down. This is important for everyone’s safety and sanity.

Many people post photos and information on Instagram hopeful to build their popularity or even career. Small business owners have a plethora of techniques to help them grow their business. So, IG is a site that can help you expand your horizons. You can even buy followers. Anyone can place Instagram followers order in a few minutes. Yes, one simple purchase can add the numbers to your account very quickly. The purchased following is safe; it is the others that you must watch out for when using social media.

One occasion when blocking is imperative is when the person who is messaging you or commenting on photos is creeping you out. Sometimes, it is that simple energy that is transmitted through the ‘net that says something isn’t right. That is your intuition talking to you so listen to what it says, for goodness sake.  Rarely will it tell you any type of lie. You can save yourself a tremendous amount of time and trouble when you listen to what you already really know.

Are you receiving nude photographs from someone online? Is there a person who makes inappropriate comments despite you telling them it makes you feel uncomfortable? These types of people do not respect your boundaries and have no right to be a part of your social media life. Go ahead and use the block button to press the rudeness from your life. Do the same when people are intimidating or bullying you or to people who are threatening you. Again, you should be able to use IG and other sites without this worry or concern.

Feeling safe and secure on social networking sites like IG is important. The block feature is available to help keep you safe from the type of headaches listed above and many others. Make sure you use this feature when the need is, and never try to maintain a macho appearance and put yourself in the line of danger. You deserve to have the most fun on social media and that happens only when everyone participates, not violates.